About Mystic Island


Welcome to Mystic Island: Where Everyone Has a Story

Mystic Island may seem like a typical island community, but it is very far from typical. From a rash of disappearances in The Woods, to the strange occurrences surrounding the The Old Stone Church, to the tales of the reclusive writer in hiding in the island’s lighthouse, Mystic Island encompasses stories that span several styles and tones, a place where readers of any genre preference can find his or her fill.

The site’s sole purpose is to entertain its readers. Any literary exceptionalism is purely accidental. Feel free to visit the map or take a tour to check in with some of our residents. You may want to start with a drink at the bar, visit the hospital, or see what secrets are hidden at The Price House. Or you can check in with WilliamCooper, CarlNick, and Jacob. I hear their stories have already begun to unfold. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Entering Mystic IslandThe stories on this site are works of fiction. All the characters, human or not, are the products of a couple of guys’ fervent, and admittedly twisted, imaginations. Any resemblance to real persons—outside of the occasional satirical shot taken at public figures—is mere coincidence.