Earworm: Part 54 — Best Dream Ever

EarwormContinued from: Earworm: Part 53 — Resolution

David McGee heard the whine of jet engines, the thunder of explosions, and the sounding of a warning siren. He held a controller, like that of an airplane’s, and a panel of knobs and flickering lights stretched before him. “Whoa, man, watch out for that fighter,” someone called. David looked to his right and saw William Knight—that high school kid he sometimes ran across in the woods—sitting in the chair beside him, pointing his finger ahead of them. “Look out, man, you’re gonna crash.”

David looked up to see the landscape of a futuristic city and dog fighting space ships. “Whoa,” David said, pulling back on the controls. Two laser blasts darted past them with a flash and rocking motion. The cockpit responded to David’s control, the landscape rolling and teetering congruent to his steering. A sleek, silver ship streaked toward them, lasers flaring on their energy field like bug guts on a windshield. The cockpit shook and jostled.

“Fire,” William said.

David squeezed triggers on his controller and beams of light slammed into the enemy ship, rocking it. David kept firing, and the enemy fighter exploded into a ball of fire—pieces of it streaking by the window. As David brought his ship through the flame, he saw a tower rising out of the clouds, the tower’s gun turrets firing at them. David rolled the ship, banking around the tower, laser blasts streaking by the ship’s belly and over its dorsal wing.

“Yeeeha,” William screamed.

“Yeeeha,” David echoed.

David felt a hand on the nape of his neck. He turned to see two beautiful women behind him. The girls were dressed in sheer silver, their skin a pale blue, their long hair platinum. One girl pouted seductively, “You must save us from the Galactic Overlord.”

David looked out the windshield. “Holy crap,” he yelled, firing at a new platoon of enemy ships, “This is the best dream ever.”

Continued in: Earworm: Part 55 — The Invite

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