The Old Stone Church: Part 1—The Church

The Stone ChurchThe Old Stone Church sits in its sprawling yard, seemingly watching the sea. Some of the island’s residents say this watching is not entirely seeming. The church has two windows about halfway up on its steep, gabled roof. The windows are flat on the bottom and rounded on the top like slow, rolling waves, giving them the very distinct impression of eyes. The bottom half of the church is constructed of smoothed stones. The top half, constructed of shingles, is dominated by two stained glass windows set in the A-framed walls. The stained glass doesn’t depict anything specific, prompting many to claim the patterns in the glass can change from day to day. On one corner of the church is a tall bell tower. On this day, the clock reads eleven, and the bell begins to ring the hour. Eleven slow, melodic gongs.

Continued in: The Old Stone Church: Part 2—No Stone Unturned

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