With Drawn: Part 45 — Emphatic Declarations

Mystic Island Middle SchoolContinued from: With Drawn: Part 44 — The Something in the Hallway

In the Mystic Island Middle School gymnasium, John Berkley helped Mr. Barney to his feet. People in the distance could still be heard screaming in horror. John held Mr. Barney up, steadying the woozy gym teacher on his feet.

John said to Mr. Barney, “Where’s Jacob now? I’ve got to find Jacob.”

Mr. Barney said, “Grist? Do you think that weird little kid could really be behind all of this? I mean, how is this even…”

Suddenly, the doors beneath where Jacob’s mural had been, the ones that led to the outside of the school, burst open. Officer Jordan Raymond and Officer Andrew Mann entered the gymnasium with their guns drawn.

For the record, they both had Glocks, which is the same kind of handgun that killed Dennis Walsh recently in his den.

Officer Raymond was athletic looking with cropped sandy colored hair. Officer Mann was as round as the donuts he liked to eat, and he had a nest of curly red locks.

Officer Raymond shouted for John Berkley and Harvey Barney to, “Get your hands up and lie down on your stomachs, now.” His now sounding very emphatic.

When John raised his hands, he let go of Mr. Barney, and the gym teacher crumbled to the floor. Mr. Barney sprawled himself out on the floor, trying to keep his hands held as high as possible in compliance with the man with the gun’s orders. Mr. Barney, at that moment, looked somewhat like a skydiver in freefall.

John Berkley wasn’t quite as willing to comply with the police officer’s orders.

Officer Raymond shouted at John, “I said to get down on the floor, now.” This now was even more emphatic than before.

John Berkley then did something that Officer Raymond did not expect. Even though John Berkley had a gun pointed at him, he did not get down on his stomach. Instead, he turned and ran out of the gymnasium.

He did this because he felt he needed to try and find Jacob and convince him to stop these now-living paintings before someone, including Jacob, got hurt.

And, as unexpected as John Berkley turning and running from the gym was for Officer Raymond, that would turn out to be one of the least unexpected things he would witness that day.

“Hey, stop,” Officer Raymond called after John Berkley, and then the two police officers ran after the art teacher.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abbott managed to get the classroom door open as Billy and Jeremy thrust Tommy Rogers out of room 102. The classroom door slammed shut behind Tommy, and now Tommy was out in the hallway with Jacob Grist, as well as a canine-type animal, and what looked to be a giant gorilla dressed in a football uniform.

Tommy tried to run, but the gorilla grabbed hold of him. Tommy screeched for help as the gorilla tore off Tommy’s shirt—Tommy was remembering the drawing Jacob had done of him getting his head ripped off by a gorilla, a gorilla similar to the one that now had him in its grip. But decapitation was not what Jacob intended for Tommy Rogers.

Jacob Grist stepped up to Tommy, Jacob producing a black Sharpie magic marker from his pocket, and he uncapped the marker with his teeth. Jacob then began to tattoo Tommy Rogers’s skin with the Sharpie in the same manner Tommy had tattooed Jacob with a Sharpie in the gym’s locker room. Only, Jacob did not draw crude renditions of sex organs and foul words.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 46 — A Little Help

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