With Drawn: Part 44 — The Something in the Hallway

Mystic Island Middle SchoolContinued from: With Drawn: Part 43 — Pleas for Help

John Berkley rushed through the Mystic Island Middle School hallways. He was talking on his cell phone to Joanne Walsh, telling Mrs. Walsh that he thought Jacob’s paintings had somehow come alive, when he rushed into the school’s gymnasium.

Mr. Barney was sitting on the gymnasium’s floor, the gym teacher holding his head and looking rather groggy. What’s more, John noticed that all that remained of Jacob’s mural were the words: MYSTIC MIDDLE SCHOOL. HOME OF THE ASSHOLES! All the figures had disappeared.

Without thinking, John hung up his cell phone, even though Joanne Walsh was saying something on the other end. John ran over to Mr. Barney.

The gym teacher appeared to be okay, but he had been knocked out and seemed to have cobwebs in his head.

Cobwebs in one’s head is only an expression meaning that Mr. Barney had been concussed and he was feeling very confused and woozy.

John said to Mr. Barney, “What happened?”

Mr. Barney said, “I don’t really know.” He looked up at the place on the wall where the mural once was, and he said, “I think that Grist kid’s mural came to life.”

While Mr. Barney was saying that he thought Jacob’s mural came to life, across the school, in room 102, Mr. Abbott and his students, including Tommy Rogers, were still huddled, as per lockdown protocol, in the back corner of their dark classroom. Jacob Grist was standing out in the hallway with something large and unpleasant.

Jacob called in through the room’s locked door, “C’mon, Tommy, you really don’t want me to have to come in there.”

The unpleasant thing in the hallway growled again.

Billy Warren said to Tommy Rogers, “Go on, Tommy, get out of here. We don’t want whatever’s out there coming in here.” Billy turned to the other students and said, “Right?”

The other students voiced their agreement with Billy.

Tommy looked at the others and said, “I’m not going out there.” Tommy then called toward the locked door, “I’m not going out there.”

Jacob called in through the door, “Very well, then.”

From out in the hallway came the sound of very heavy, trudging footsteps as a larger shadow seemed to completely block out the band of light peeking under the classroom door.

The students began pleading with Tommy, saying things like:

“C’mon Tommy, get out of here.”

“Go out and see him, Tommy.”

“He only wants you, Tommy.”

Billy and another student, Jeremy Williams, stood from the floor and they began pulling Tommy toward the door.

Tommy flailed his arms and kicked his feet as he screamed for the boys to stop.

Billy said, grunting with the effort of pulling a fighting Tommy, “C’mon, we don’t want those things in here.”

Tommy continued to struggle against the two boys. Tommy almost got free from their grip, but when the something out in the hallway began banging hard enough on the classroom door to shake the door in its frame, Mr. Abbott joined Billy and Jeremy in dragging Tommy to the door.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 45 — Emphatic Declarations

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