With Drawn: Part 46 — A Little Help

Mystic Island Middle SchoolContinued from: With Drawn: Part 45 — Emphatic Declarations

John Berkley ran through the hallways of the Mystic Island Middle School with two police officers on his tale. John couldn’t believe what he was seeing around him. What he was seeing were students and staff being tormented by the figures of Jacob’s mural.

John was not the only one who could not believe what he was seeing. Both Officer Raymond and Officer Mann could not believe what they were seeing either. In fact, both officers stopped dead in their tracks for a moment when they saw what was happening around them. But only Officer Raymond was able to regain enough of his faculties to continue his pursuit of John Berkley.

Officer Mann just stood where he was, gaping at the scene around him—skeletons darting about, a mad dog, zombies…

One of the zombie baseball players walked up to Officer Mann. The zombie and police officer regarded one another with the same expression of staring eyes and slack jaw.

Officer Mann slowly and shakily took hold of the radio on his shoulder. Officer Mann pressed the talk button and said, “Um, Officer Raymond? Um… Jordan, a little help, please?”

But Officer Raymond didn’t hear his partner’s radio transmission. Officer Raymond was too busy fighting through the screams and mayhem, trying to catch John Berkley, whom Officer Raymond was now convinced had something to do with what was happening around him.

When two skeletons dressed in basketball uniforms ran past Officer Raymond, the skeletons holding a screaming Peter Maynard over their heads, Officer Raymond said to himself, “What the hell is going on in this place?”

Meanwhile, across town in the living room of the abandoned house at 42 Savage Street, Joanne Walsh stood before a painting of her dead husband. Joanne had been trying to talk with the painting.

Most people, including Joanne herself, might think it was foolish, or downright crazy, to talk to a painting, but this painting had moved. In fact, it seemed to have come alive.

Joanne said to the painting, “Please, David, can you help our son?”

John Berkley had called to inform Joanne that Jacob’s paintings had come to life, and from the sounds of John Berkley’s phone call, it sounded like those paintings were tearing up the Mystic Island Middle School. But John Berkley had been disconnected, so now Joanne didn’t know what was happening with her son. Joanne figured that maybe, seeing as this painting of David Grist seemed to have come to life as well, perhaps he would have some kind of insight as to what was going on at the school. And as unbelievable as it was that Joanne was trying to talk to a painting, it seemed even more unbelievable when the painting seemed to be trying to talk back to her.

Joanne could not hear the painting’s words, and she said to the painting, “I can’t hear you, David, what are you trying to tell me?”

The painting continued to speak, but still, Joanne could not hear what it was saying.

Joanne said to the painting, “David, Jacob is in trouble. Please, you need to help him if you can. David, please, can you help him?”

The painting of David Grist regarded Joanne, his eyes gazing down at her through the paint smeared on his face. And then the figure of David Grist turned and walked away from the wall, walking deeper into the grass field of the mural.

Joanne called to the mural, “Wait. Where are you going? You’ve got to help him.”

The painted figure of David turned to face Joanne. It closed its eyes and lowered its head, looking for a moment as if it was praying.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 47 — Out of the Maze

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