With Drawn: Part 27 — Just Wait

Jacob's HouseContinued from: With Drawn: Part 26 — Fight Night

Jacob was sitting on his bed. He was staring down at the drawing of his father, tracing with his eyes the lines and shadings that his pencil had made. He then stared at the drawing in his focused-unfocused way, and the drawing of David Grist shifted slightly, the portrait’s sharp eyes falling onto Jacob. But they were interrupted when Dennis burst in through Jacob’s bedroom door. Jacob turned the drawing of his father over on his bed so that Dennis would not see it, and he stood up to face his stepfather, not sure if another backhand was coming.

No backhand came, but his stepfather’s glare hurt almost just as much. Jacob avoided the man’s hateful glare. He focused on the turned-over sketchpad on his bed.

Dennis said, “Listen, I didn’t mean to hit you so hard.”

“Yes you did,” Jacob said.

“Look, you little brat, no I didn’t. You were talking weird shit about your mother. About your mother.” Dennis raised his voice emphatically for this last sentence.

Jacob said, “No, I was saying that you…”

Dennis interrupted Jacob, saying, “We both know what you said. And we should just keep this whole thing between us. We don’t need your mother hearing about how you called her a cheap whore.”

“I didn’t. I called you…”

“Jesus. You never shut up, do you?” Dennis hollered at Jacob. “Just wait until you turn eighteen, you little fag. Because the day you do turn eighteen, I’m gonna take you into an alley and I’m gonna beat the ever-living shit out of you.”

Dennis said he was going to wait until Jacob was eighteen because then it would not be considered child abuse if he beat up Jacob when he was legally an adult, which happens when someone turns eighteen.

Dennis didn’t seem to be worried about Jacob’s minor status when he struck him in the kitchen a few moments prior, however.

Jacob glared at Dennis.

Dennis continued to say, “You really are gonna be a little pussy about this, aren’t you? Fine. Ruin your mom’s happiness, you selfish little prick. Do it. Make your mom unhappy, and see if I wait until you’re eighteen before I beat the shit out of you.” And then Dennis stormed out of Jacob’s room.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 28 — Suspicious Activity 

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