Earworm: Part 57 — The Visitor

Continued from: Earworm: Part 56 — Right Again William looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. “What was that, Hope?” he said to his reflection, raising one eyebrow and smiling his best James Bond smile, “Why, yes, I can give you the moon and … [Continue reading]

Earworm: Part 56 — Right Again

Continued from: Earworm: Part 55 — The Invite  Things felt right again. Starling was back. It was Memorial Day weekend. The weekend of Glenn’s big fishing trip. And Starling and Emily had the entire weekend together. They spent little time … [Continue reading]

Earworm: Part 55 — The Invite

Continued from: Earworm: Part 54 — Best Dream Ever  Hope glanced at the clock. Still a few minutes before the late bell. She wasn’t joking with Joel, she was going to talk to William about her dreams. It came to her last night, lying in bed—her … [Continue reading]

Earworm: Part 54 — Best Dream Ever

Continued from: Earworm: Part 53 — Resolution David McGee heard the whine of jet engines, the thunder of explosions, and the sounding of a warning siren. He held a controller, like that of an airplane’s, and a panel of knobs and flickering lights … [Continue reading]

Earworm: Part 53 — Resolution

Continued from: Earworm: Part 52 — Contagion “You look like you’re serious,” Joel said. “I am serious,” Hope said. “C’mon, I don’t even want to talk about this stuff.” “Why?” “Because it’s nuts,” Joel said in a hushed growl, leaning … [Continue reading]

Earworm: Part 52 — Contagion

Continued from: Earworm: Part 51 — Ring Around the Rosy By Monday, Hope had regained the spring in her step as day by day the memories of the nightmares wore off like the fading stench of a skunk’s spray. The memories were still there, but … [Continue reading]

Earworm: Part 50 — The Locker Room

Continued from:  Earworm: Part 49 — Dazed and Confused Joel opened the exterior door and walked into the hallway leading to the locker room. The contrast of plunging from sunlight into the dim corridor momentarily robbing him of his eyesight. He … [Continue reading]

The Old Stone Church

The Stone Church has many mysteries surrounding in, including several about the Stone family—the caretakers that have watched over it for over a hundred years. But maybe all the mysteries aren’t merely the result of coincidence and bad luck. There … [Continue reading]