With Drawn: Part 18 — Physical Graffiti

Mystic Island Middle SchoolContinued from: With Drawn: Part 17 — KIA

Jacob stood in the boy’s locker room of the Wellbrook Middle School’s gymnasium. Jacob was alone in the locker room. He was alone because all the other students were in the gym. Jacob always waited until the last possible moment to change for gym class. All the other boys were eager to get out of the locker room and into the gym so that they could start playing their stupid games. Jacob could not care less about their stupid games, so Jacob always took the opportunity of the other boys’ mass exodus to change into his gym clothes in privacy. It was not easy to mull around for the ten minutes it took for the other boys to change, and Mr. Barney, the gym teacher, always complained about Jacob being late, but this was a lot better than having to listen to the boys making fun of Jacob’s scrawny body and pale skin.

Jacob opened his backpack and he removed his gym clothes from it. He scanned the rest of the locker room, like prey scanning for predators, and when he determined that no one else was in the locker room with him, he slipped out of his clothing, leaving on only his tighty-whities underwear. Jacob was about to slip on his sweatpants, when Tommy, Danny, and Frankie seemed to materialize from behind a row of lockers. The three boys covered Jacob’s mouth, and they pulled him to the back corner of the locker room.

Danny and Frankie pinned Jacob to the floor. Tommy crouched over Jacob, Tommy glaring down at him. The expression known as a sneer was on Tommy’s face. Tommy growled at Jacob the same way Dennis often growled at him, Tommy saying, “Hey there Piss-casso, think you’re the best artist around here, do ya?”

By the way, Tommy purposely mispronounced Pablo Picasso’s name. He combined the name, Picasso, with a slang term for urine in an attempt to say that Jacob’s artistic ability was something that belonged in a toilet, a point which, of course, Tommy already illustrated by actually putting Jacob’s artwork into a toilet.

Tommy produced a black Sharpie marker, Tommy saying, “Well, Vincent Van Gay, I’m a pretty good artist, too.”

This time Tommy was trying to insult Jacob by combining the name of the artist Vincent Van Gogh with a slang term for a homosexual.

Tommy uncapped the Sharpie and he drew a crude rendering of a giant penis on Jacob’s stomach. He gave the penis a smiley face and then added a fountain of ejaculate exploding from the penis’s head.

When Tommy was finished with the drawing, he leaned back and admired his work. Tommy said, “Mo-fart couldn’t have drawn it better.”

This time, Tommy combined Mozart’s name with a slang term for flatulence. This insulting combination might have been more effective if Mozart had been a painter.

Jacob bit at Frankie’s hand, which was holding Jacob’s mouth.

Frankie winced and removed his hand from Jacob’s mouth, Frankie shaking his hand in the air.

Jacob shouted, “Leave me…” but his voice was stifled when Frankie returned his hand to Jacob’s mouth.

Tommy said to Jacob, “Don’t bother calling for help. Mr. Barney’s already in the gym along with everyone else. You’re all mine.”

Tommy drew a crude vagina beside the drawing of the penis on Jacob’s stomach. Tommy wrote in big letters above the vagina the letters: PUSY.

Danny said to Tommy, “You spelt pussy wrong.”

Tommy said to Danny, “Like I care.” Tommy then told Danny and Frankie to hold Jacob’s head still.

Jacob fought to turn his head back and forth, but the boys managed to hold Jacob’s head still.

Tommy wrote this word across Jacob’s forehead: FREAK.

Tommy saying, “Spelt that right.”

The sound of a whistle came from the gym as Mr. Barney signaled that it was time for attendance. Jacob’s three attackers looked at one another. They then released Jacob and ran off toward the gym, all three boys laughing.

Out in the gym, Mr. Barney was taking attendance. He noticed Tommy, Danny, and Frankie bursting from the locker room, the three boys laughing. Mr. Barney had a notion that the boys were up to no good, but he didn’t care enough to even imagine what the no-good thing could be.

Mr. Barney was an over-the-hill jock. This meant that he was once a very good athlete, but his aged body had to rely solely on past deeds to maintain that reputation. He had big muscles that were beginning to sag with age, and his thick hair had long ago gone from black to white.

The students were sitting in the gym’s bleachers as Mr. Barney called out names for attendance. Mr. Barney called, “Mark Granger.”

And Mark Granger called back to Mr. Barney, “Here.”

Mr. Barney called out to the group of students, “Jacob Grist?”

There was no response.

Mr. Barney looked up and scanned the faces of the students sitting in the bleachers before him. Mr. Barney did not see Jacob Grist, so Mr. Barney said to the group of students, “All right, where’s Grist? He still in the locker room?”

Mr. Barney then heard the locker room’s door open and close behind him. The gym teacher didn’t bother to turn around, instead, he called over his shoulder, “This seems to be happening every day. I always seem to be waiting for one particular student before I…”

Mr. Barney stopped his statement when a buzz of giggles and gasps and murmurs developed among the group of students facing him.

Mr. Barney turned around and spotted Jacob Grist scuttling across the gym. Grist was dressed only in his underwear and he had drawings all over his torso and face. Mr. Barney dropped his clipboard as the class broke into laughter.

Mr. Barney said this: “Oh, shit.”

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 19 — The Principal’s Office… Again

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