With Drawn: Part 34 — Reckless

Jacob's HouseContinued from:  With Drawn: Part 33 — On the Wall

For a reason that she did not quite know or understand, Joanne found herself walking across the street toward the abandoned house at 42 Savage Street. She may not have realized the reason she was walking over to the house, but the reason was easy enough to deduce. There was a string of several, seemingly unrelated, circumstances that had recently occurred and her gut told her that they were actually related, and the light on in the abandoned house seemed to be one of these circumstances.

By the way, Joanne’s gut did not actually speak to her. This is an expression meaning that she had an intuition that such a notion was true. People say that it is their gut speaking because when one gets a notion like this, it feels like something heavy is in his or her stomach.

As Joanne was about to step onto the property of 42 Savage Street, a noise stopped her. It was the sound of something large moving quickly through the tall grass from the backyard. It was night, and Joanne at first couldn’t see anything moving in the dark. Joanne didn’t move because she was very frightened. Then she almost screamed when what appeared to be a very large dog burst from the yard and darted down the street, disappearing into the night.

Now it was shock rather than fear that kept Joanne from moving for a moment, but then she willed herself to move forward again. She stepped into the house’s yard and climbed the house’s front steps onto the porch. She crept over to the house’s front window, but the blinds were drawn. She tried to peek past the blinds, but the light that was on inside the house went out.

Joanne turned from the window and walked back down the porch steps. She was going to walk around the house to the back yard, but she stopped again when she heard another large something coming through the grass.

Joanne retreated to the shadow of the abandoned house’s front porch. She watched, from her hiding place, as Jacob came around the back of the house and headed back toward the Walsh’s house. When Jacob had disappeared into the Walsh’s backyard, Joanne darted back up onto the front porch of the abandoned house and tried the doorknob of the front door. It was locked. Joanne darted from the front porch to the back of the abandoned house. She tried the backdoor, which was also locked.

You might be wondering why Joanne was being so reckless at this moment, trying to get into a dark house, even though she did not know what was in it, and despite the fact that a very large animal was recently in the backyard. The reason Joanne was being so reckless was because the situation involved the safety of her son, and for this reason, when Joanne tried the bulkhead, and the bulkhead opened easily, she had full intentions of darting down into the basement’s gaping darkness, despite having no light source to lead her way.

But then she stopped. She wanted to see what was in the house, but for the time being, her son was safe, and the shock and panic of fight or flight had subsided, and Joanne was thinking rationally again.

You see, women not only have a fight or flight mechanism in their brains for their own self preservation, but they also have a fight or flight mechanism for their children’s preservation.

Believe it or not, a woman’s fight or flight instinct is actually stronger for her child’s safety than for her own safety.

Thinking rationally now, Joanne shut the bulkhead door and decided it would be smarter to investigate the situation in the light of day, while Jacob was at school. And so Joanne headed back for the Walsh’s house.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 35 — Nice Doggy 

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