With Drawn: Part 36 — Meet The Rogers

Jacob's HouseContinued from: With Drawn: Part 35 — Nice Doggy

A police cruiser was sitting in front of the Rogers’ house, the cruiser’s emergency lights bathing the surrounding homes in strobes of blue and red. The lights and the commotion had brought the Rogers’ neighbors out onto their porches to see what was happening. There was always some kind of commotion happening at the Rogers’ house.

Officer Ted Michaels was standing on the Rogers’ front porch with Trudy Rogers and Tommy Rogers. Trudy was running her scrawny fingers through her over-bleached hair. Tommy had his face buried in his mother’s side. Rod Rogers was standing on the front lawn. He had a shotgun at the ready. Officer Andrew Carter stood silently in the street with a flashlight propped on his shoulder, scanning the surrounding area.

Officer Michaels called down from the porch to Rod, “Please, Mr. Rogers, you’re making me nervous with that weapon.”

Rod looked up from where he stood on the lawn and said to Officer Michaels, “It’s my goddamn constitutional right to bear this firearm so that I can protect my family.”

He was right. It was in the United States Constitution that a man, as drunk as Rod Rogers was at that moment, could stand on his front lawn with a loaded shotgun at the ready for him to blast something he may construe as a threat.

Officer Michaels said, “We can handle the protecting from here, sir. Please, Mr. Rogers, lower the weapon.”

Rod gave Officer Michaels what is known as an acidic glare. It’s called acidic because it looked like Rod may have wanted to melt the police officer. Rod lowered the gun.

Officer Michaels turned his attention to Trudy Rogers. Officer Michaels saying, “I assure you, Mrs. Rogers, there haven’t been wolves in this area for quite some time.”

Trudy said to the officer, “It was a bear then.”

Officer Michaels said, “There haven’t been bears here for even longer. It was probably a dog.”

Trudy said, “That was no fucking dog.”

Officer Michaels said, “Please, Mrs. Rogers, no need to get angry.”

Trudy said, “Well, you’re treating me like a goddamn idiot. I know the difference between a dog and some wild… thing.”

Out in the street, Officer Carter stopped his searching of the area and he pointed his flashlight down onto the pavement. Officer Carter finally broke his silence, Carter calling to his partner, “Officer Michaels.”

Rod Rogers racked his shotgun, ready for action.

Officer Michaels called from the porch, “Please, Mr. Rogers, we’ll take care of this. Put your weapon away.”

Officer Michaels then descended from the Rogers’ porch and he joined Officer Carter on the street.

Officer Carter looked at his partner and then nodded down at the area of the street where his flashlight was pointing. Officer Michaels looked down at the area illuminated in the flashlight’s beam.

Painted on the street was what Officer Michaels thought looked like some demented cross between a coyote and a gorilla. Officer Michaels said, “What the…” He had no idea what to say next.

Officer Carter did know what to say next, and he said it. “I told you they were nuts.”

Rod Rogers joined the two officers in the street. He was saying, “What? What is it? What did…?” Rod then spotted the painting on the street. He stared at the flat, two-dimensional rendition of what he thought looked like a dog. Then he turned toward the house, calling, “Trudy, you fucking dumbass.”

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 37 — An Early Start 

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    • Bob says

      I’m confused here. Of course it’s associated with Jacob. That was pretty much stated outright; first his mom saw the creature take off from the back yard (from the basement where he had released it after painting it) then she saw him. He already had one homunculus (golem? not quite sure what to call them) kill his stepfather, it’s not exactly surprising that he’s no having one maul and/or kill Tommy who is, arguably, a bigger enemy than Dennis was.

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