With Drawn: Part 21 — Another Mural

Jacob's HouseContinued from: With Drawn: Part 20 — A New Approach

Joanne returned home from her nursing shift—it wasn’t the late shift she sometimes worked, so she arrived home about an hour after Jacob had eaten his dinner. Joanne walked into the living room. Dennis was sitting on the couch. He was watching television and drinking a beer. Joanne said to Dennis, “Where’s Jacob?”

Dennis said, not looking away from the television, “Said he was going for his walk.”

Joanne looked out the window at the street. She said, “I don’t see him.”

Dennis shrugged, saying, “Probably around the block.”

“I didn’t see him when I was pulling in the street.”

Dennis shrugged again. He was going to say something sarcastic, like, Wasn’t my turn to watch him. But then he realized that it actually was his turn to watch him, so instead he said, “He’s fine.”

Joanne spotted a light on in the living room of the abandoned house across the street. She said, “Looks like someone’s over at the Hamptons’ house.”

The Hamptons were an old couple that had lived at 42 Savage Street, across the street from the Walsh’s house. When the old couple died, their five grown children all fought over who had control of the house. So by not being able to decide what to do with the house, they collectively decided, by default, to allow the house to fall into disarray.

Joanne said, “Maybe the kids finally decided to get rid of the house.”

Joanne called Mr. and Mrs. Hamptons’ offspring, kids, even though all five of the Hampton offspring were older than she was.

Dennis said, “Be nice if they did something with that shithole.”

Meanwhile, across the street, Jacob was standing in that shithole’s living room. He had pulled the blinds so when his mother had looked out at the light in the Hamptons’ house’s window, she did not see her son.

Jacob had borrowed paints from Mr. Berkley. Mr. Berkley had loaned the paints to Jacob so that Jacob could work on a mural that the art teacher wanted Jacob to do in the school gym. But Jacob decided he was going to do two murals, one in the school gym, and one in the abandoned house at 42 Savage Street.

Jacob stood before the empty wall in the abandoned house’s living room. On that wall, Jacob was painting a perfect rendition of a grass field, the field overlooking a tranquil sea. In the foreground of the mural was a live-size, exact rendition of David Grist, Jacob’s father.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 22 — Home of the Wolves

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