The Smell From My Brother’s Room

Brother's Room

E.B. Richardson
The Smell From My Brother’s Room

What is that smell from my brother’s room?


It’s eerie and frightening like impending doom.


What is that smell?  What is its host?


Dead leaves, rotten eggs, old cheese, a wet bag?


Whatever it is, it smells gross!


What is that smell from my brother’s room?

Could it be a mutant plant or alien flower in bloom?


What is that stench he has to endure,

a growing disease, or maybe a cure?


What is that smell?  I simply must know.


I’ll muster my courage, I’ll muster my strength,

and into my brother’s room I will go.


But wait!  I don’t know what’s behind that door.


What if it’s a monster with bad intentions at its core?


I could knock, and then, “Come in,” it might hungrily implore.




What if it’s a giant dragon in there today,

whose mouth fills up the entire doorway?


I could walk through that door into certain death.

That smell I keep smelling could be its bad breath!


What if it’s a troll looking to deposit

missing kids into my brother’s closet?


I could scream all I wanted, I could cry and stomp all aflutter.

They’d never find me, not in that closet’s clutter.


What is that smell?  I’ve got to know.


Is it a body he’s hiding?  My brother does like Edgar Allen Poe.


So… Is it a dragon’s bad breath?  Or a monster’s BO?


My brother’s untimely death?  Ah, that’s wishful thinking, I know.


Is it a flatulent ghost?  Or some gobbledy goo?


A diseased host?  Wait, don’t vampires smell, too?


That’s it!  The suspense has become much too thick!


I’ll just peak in the door.  I’ll just look real quick.


Here I go for the doorknob… Did I just hear a clatter?


I’m going to open it… I hope I can hold onto my bladder.


I’m opening the door.  Boy, it smells foul!


I’ll slam it shut again, should anything howl.


And there we have it… the source could be no other;


the smell in the room is only my brother.



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