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Welcome to the Black Rock Villas, where countless secrets are only an apartment away. Like a nonverbal autistic child witnessing a murder and needing to find a way to reveal what he knows. Or Cooper, a high school student dealing with the confused loneliness of adolescence and his mom’s cold detachment from her past. Stop by for a visit, but try to keep it down, some of the tenants don’t react well to incessant noise.


Visit Half Moon Pond, where a young boy begins the complex understanding of death and loss.


What do you do with a girl that lies, steals, and plays with a man’s emotions? You tie her up in the basement. At least, that’s what Carl White does when conwoman Sophie Monroe tries to rob him. Now, both Carl and Sophie struggle with the next move of a very dangerous game of chess.

Demon’s Point:

No one is quite sure if it’s Demon’s Point or Damon’s Point, but this mystery is the last thing on Vincent Stone’s mind. He’s too busy trying to figure out what to do with the dead body in his car.


Come see the latest films from local filmmakers at The Mystic Drive-in.

E.B. Richardson:

E.B. Richardson is more than the writer of such classic children’s books as Quest For Dreaming Mountain and The Smell From My Brother’s Room . She is unofficial harborer of the island’s secrets.


The Mystic Mercy Hospital is not just a place to mend bones and treat ailments, it is also home to Ward 6, where Cinder Jackson and Stanley Knight tell their tales of horror and revenge.


Being an adolescent with Asperger’s Syndrome would be challenging for anyone, but Jacob Grist has more problems to deal with in his day to day life. Jacob’s father died four years ago, and the man his mother married is even crueler than the bullies that continually target him in school. Jacob’s only solace is his exceptional artistic ability. When he discovers that his drawings can actually come to life and exist on the three-dimensional plane, Jacob employs his artwork to protect him from his tormentors.


The history of Springback Prison is closely tied with the paranormal goings-on of the island, but for Cornell Phillips, there is no supernatural explanation for what he did. He’d just had enough.


Louis Ting is the lighthouse keeper on Mystic Island. He is also a war hero, satirist, artist, and wanted by the United States Government. He may also be the most prolific writer no one has ever heard of. Although his writings have been distributed all over the world, most of his one-of a-kind stories have been lost to the ocean’s currents.


In Howdy Neighbor, the mouth of the Mystic Island Marina may just be the last known whereabouts of “Mr. Tickles.”


Meet Max Holden: t-shirt kingpin, extraordinaire.

Middle School:

Find out why the middle school’s new substitute teacher is leaving anonymous artwork throughout the building, and listen to him tell the story of how the auras “helped” his former boss.


Check in with the Mystic Island Crier to get the latest of the island’s news.


Meet Nick Bishop, Mystic Island’s most famous resident. In Death Tours, find out how his childhood knack of knowing the time and location of a person’s death leads to the most popular reality show on television.

Pizza Shop:

Grab a slice and see how Stuart Green navigates a night of pizza deliveries without a car or a license.

The Price House:

Can Phineas Wilkes locate the greatest treasure of Captain Price’s haunted house?

St. Sebastian’s Church:

Sinners beware, Iratus is coming, and the end of reality as we know it may come with him.

Stone Church:

In The Old Stone Church, find out which is more cursed, the church or the family that cares for it.

The Bar:

Whether The Captain’s Quarters or The Dutch Horse Pub, you’ll always find interesting people at the local watering hole, from a repentant Vietnam Vet to Satan herself. Or even A woman hoping that her forty-year search will bring back more than just her engagement ring.

The Woods:

Parson’s Woods  holds one of the island’s most frightening secrets. People go in, but don’t always come out.


William Knight is a high school misfit with the ability to control people’s dreams. When he falls for Hope Ferretti, the most popular girl in school, William tries to woo her in her subconscious mind, bringing to life her greatest desires. But, in the waking world, Hope is dating football star Joel Fitch, and William is unable to control his anguish. He unleashes a series of nightmares on Hope and her unsuspecting boyfriend.