With Drawn: Part 42 — Take Charge

Mystic Island Middle SchoolContinued from: With Drawn: Part 41 — Unpleasant Things

John Berkley regarded the students that were sitting on the floor in the corner of the art room. Several of the students sitting on the floor were weeping quietly. Screams and crashes could still be heard in the distance.

There came a sudden pounding on the art room door.

The children gasped, some cried harder. Mr. Berkley’s heart dropped, remembering the zombies that were at the door earlier.

Then there came a child’s voice calling from the other side of the door. The voice calling, “Oh god, let me in. Please let me in.”

For a moment, John Berkley was unsure how to react to the child’s pleading. He remembered the principal’s warning to not open the door for anyone, but he also couldn’t leave a screaming child out there with giant dogs and zombies dressed in baseball uniforms, and so, John strode over to the door, unlocked it, and pulled the pleading student into the room.

The student’s name was Drew Broderick, and Drew was now screaming, “There’s monsters everywhere. They’re everywhere.”

Several of the students in the art room began weeping louder. John said to the students, “It’s okay. You’re safe.” John then said to Drew, “Go have a seat on the floor with the others.”

Drew screamed, “But they’re everywhere.”

John said to Drew, “But they’re not in here. So you’re safe now. You need to go and sit with the other students.”

Drew did what he was told, sitting on the floor, looking wide-eyed at the students seated around him.

John walked to his desk. He opened the desk drawer, taking out an address book and his cell phone, and then he returned to the group of students sitting on the floor. He pointed at Jamie Bent, and he said, “Jamie, take the key and lock the door behind me.”

Mr. Berkley held the key toward Jamie.

Jamie was a petite girl with glasses and bobbed blond hair. And, although she was very intelligent, she looked at Mr. Berkley as if she did not understand a word he’d said.

When Mr. Berkley waved the key in the air and said, “Jamie, the key,” Jamie stood up and took the key. John said to Jamie, “You’re in charge while I’m gone.”

He turned to the group of students and said, “Did you hear that? I’ve put Jamie in charge. I trust her to make the right decisions and you’re to follow her directions.”

This wasn’t a problem because the rest of the students knew that Jamie Bent was the smartest student among them, as well.

John said to the students, “You are all to stay exactly where you are. And do not open the door for anyone. Not even me. Do you understand?”

The students and Jamie nodded.

John told Jamie, “The signal for an all clear is three rings of the school bell. Only open the door, even to the police, after you hear that signal. Do you understand?”

Jamie nodded, and then John Berkley headed out the classroom door.

Jamie locked the door behind him.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 43 — Pleas for Help

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