Earworm: Part 32 — Pretty Cool Trick

EarwormContinued from: Earworm: Part 31 — The Specter 

Starling twitched in Emily’s arms, her eyelids flickering. She nestled her head deeper into the crook of Emily’s shoulder. Emily unconsciously nuzzled her chin atop Starling’s head, her eyelids flickering as well. In Starling’s dreaming mind, she heard Emily’s calling,

Emily Dey

and she saw her lover’s image—black hair, dark eyes—and there was a feeling—a rush of air? thoughts? dreams?—filling her mind like an acid trip gripping her all at once. And then Starling stood in a vast garden. Lush, green vegetation, thousands of flowers blanketing the ground, ivy, like lace, hanging from white birch limbs. Warm sunlight embraced her body. The intense bouquet of flowers stung her nostrils and watered her eyes like the perfume counter at a department store. Wandering along a stone path, she felt the stones’ smooth hardness beneath her feet and she heard the buzz of hummingbirds’, the coo of doves, the distant singing of songbirds.

“Hey,” Emily called from behind her. Starling turned. Emily stood on the stone path, her body in striking contrast to the varied colors of the flowers and the stark greenness of the plants. Emily smiled, saying, “Pretty cool trick, huh?”

Continued: Earworm: Part 33 — Rats

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