With Drawn: Part 41 — Unpleasant Things

Mystic Island Middle SchoolContinued from: With Drawn: Part 40 — Lockdown

In room 102 of the Mystic Island Middle School, the teacher and students had followed the lockdown procedures. The teacher had locked the door and turned off the classroom’s lights, and he and the students were hunkered down on the floor in the far corner of the room. The teacher was Phil Abbott. Mr. Abbott was an English teacher. He was tall and thin and bald. He was an impotent looking man, which is to say that he looked both ineffective and like a flaccid penis.

Mr. Abbott stood in the corner of the room with his students seated at his feet. Mr. Abbott tried standing up straight and puffing out his chest to somehow make it look like he was in control of the situation, but he had no more control over the situation than he had control over the Earth’s rotation.

Teacher and students sat in the darkened room, and they could hear the distant crashes and screams of the terror outside their room’s locked door. And because the room was darkened, and the lights were on in the hallway, the teacher and students could see the band of light fringing the bottom of the classroom door. They were also able to see something now outside the door breaking that band of light with its shadow.

There was definitely something outside the classroom. Something large. And something, from the sound of it, sniffing at the crack where the bottom of the door almost met the floor. A low growl came from outside the room.

The students and Mr. Abbott drew in a collective breath.

The something scratched on the outside of the door.

The students and Mr. Abbott would have drawn in another collective breath had they ever exhaled the first breath. But their breaths remained locked in their chests.

There was another scratching on the door, and then a rapid, firm knock on the door.

The students and teacher looked at one another. They let out their collective breath. They had a brief sense of relief, thinking that the knock signaled help. Maybe the sniffing was a police dog and the knocking was a police officer.

But it was Jacob Grist’s voice that called through the door. Jacob calling, “Hello? Mr. Abbott? I know you’re in there.”

The students looked at Mr. Abbott.

Mr. Abbott stared at the door. His chest had since deflated and he looked more flaccid than ever.

Jacob called through the door again, “Mr. Abbott, I’m out here with some very unsavory things. Things that could be unpleasant to meet. You were always pretty nice to me, Mr. Abbott, I don’t want to have to send these things in there.”

Mr. Abbott swallowed hard.

Jacob called from the other side of the door, “All I want is Tommy Rogers. I know he’s in there.”

The students and Mr. Abbott turned their heads toward Tommy Rogers, who was sitting on the floor among the other students. They all stared at Tommy. Tommy stared back at Mr. Abbott and the other students.

Continued in: With Drawn: Part 42 — Take Charge

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